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PMG Digital Made for Humans

Always Change
For the Better

Do the Right Thing

We have not done enough to hold ourselves and our partners accountable.

Always Change for the Better

We must do more to ensure BIPOC representation in our leadership.

Be Inclusive

We have not done enough for people of color within our community and our industry, and we must do more.

Our people helped us confront an uncomfortable — yet necessary — reality about our company: We can do more to fully live out PMG’s values and encourage diversity within our organization, our communities, and our industry. We’re committed to bringing forth meaningful and lasting change, and we are holding ourselves publicly accountable to creating a culture that is inclusive and welcoming of everyone.

Work Environment & Culture

Our cross-disciplinary Diversity & Inclusion Group (DIG) leadership team fosters a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity (CBID) and holds PMG accountable for our goals. We also empower our Employee Resource Groups to provide feedback, actively shape policies and processes, and to monitor the progress of the company.


Across PMG

Team by Gender

Not Specified

Early Career

Professional Support


Senior Leadership


Talent Practices

We will democratize our diversity data by tracking and publicly reporting PMG’s internal diversity data on an annual basis. We will evolve recruiting practices to attract more diverse talent and optimize PMG’s candidate selection process to reduce bias.

Across PMG

Team by Gender

62.5 %
37.0 %
Non-Binary or Custom
0.5 %

Across PMG

Team by Race & Ethnicity

63.9 %
Hispanic or Latinx
19.4 %
Asian American
13.9 %
Black or AA
2.8 %
We will demonstrate the importance of CBID at PMG by:
  • Championing diversity across everything that we do internally and externally.

  • Evolving the PMG brand and mission statement to reflect the importance of CBID.

  • Establishing inclusive marketing best practices and a process for accountability to ensure we are championing diversity across all of our work.