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eSports Advertising

Attracting over 380 million fans in 2018 and easily generate over $1.4 billion in revenue by 2020, the global esports frenzy is just getting started, but with a laundry list of big players, moving parts, and preferential platforms to consider esports can be pretty confusing to understand and even more complicated to get into.

To guide brands through the complexity of the esports ecosystem, our esports advertising white paper outlines what marketers and brands need to know about the esports industry, key audience insights and more importantly, how brands can capitalize on this emerging industry’s current advertising opportunities.

Ranging from esports influencer partnerships, custom content, strategic media buys and experiential live events – there’s a way for every brand to be apart of esports’ explosive growth. For marketers looking for new ways to reach the ever-elusive young consumer, we recommend exploring the esports ecosystem and learning how your brand can get in the game by downloading our esports advertising white paper today