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Why Voice Matters

People expect instant access to information and products in our always-on, connected world. Whether it’s through a mobile device, connected car, or smartwatch, voice-generated queries make searching for data easy and are 5x faster than text search. Of course, consumers are embracing voice search at an unbelievable rate and now is the time for brands to do the same.

To help ourselves, our clients, and the industry orient themselves in this new voice-powered ecosystem, we launched the PMG Voice Lab. The initiative is a long-term investment in research, analysis, and experimentation in the field of voice search and voice-enabled technologies and opportunities.

In our first Voice Lab analysis, we put the top voice-enabled technologies to the test to see how their AI capabilities compare, and which brands are ahead of the game in optimizing their content for voice search and branded voice queries.

Download your copy today to better understand the nuances of voice technology, how these devices work, and how your brand can optimize site content for this exciting new field of search marketing.