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3 Super Interesting Sessions from SMX East

4 MINUTE READ | October 13, 2015

3 Super Interesting Sessions from SMX East

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I had the brilliant opportunity to attend the SMX East conference in New York at the charming Jacob Javits Convention Center. SMX East hosted by the team behind the publication Search Engine Land, is one of the few rare conferences devoted solely to search marketing. With more than 50 sessions over 3 days, I managed to pluck the top three sessions I found to be super interesting and relevant for your search strategy straight away.

Paid Search + Beyonce = Paid Search Gold! Maddie Cary (hashtag @maddiemarketer) from Point It Digital kicked off her presentation literally singing Beyonce’s hit “Flawless”. As if this wasn’t enough to impress us all, Cary shared 5 Beyonce infused PPC highlights that we can all add into our everyday Paid Search life. I’ve wrapped up 3 takeaways from her session below.

  1. Cary’s first Beyonce bullet calls out the best new features of 2015. Starting with the Google Analytics audience data for your remarketing list for search strategy. She also highlights automated shopping extensions that now include details such as “free shipping” and “price drop information.”

  2. Next up on the list, was PPC for Big Brands. As we all know in retail, competition gets fierce around the holidays and it’s important to keep a very close eye on your auction insights. A helpful script to stay ahead is an Auction Insights script from Brain Labs to create a visual way of spotting trends with your brand and the competition in the space.

  3. The last Beyonce song reference and closing PPC tip from Cary was “I’m a Survivor,” highlighting how to get through performance drops. Cary reminds us that we are human and things happen to our account. We just need to be proactive, learn from our mistakes and share our wisdom along the way.

Sophie Newton from the fastest growing digital agency in the UK, Brainlabs, spoke in depth about the stats and tools to help you forecast and plan better for the holidays. Newton being a maths major who was uber passionate about digital, spoke so casually about automation and APIs that I struggled to keep up, but the knowledge she was sharing was incredible. Linking the Adwords API to the Google Prediction API tied with some major number tinkering can help you create a more real time forecast as various factors change with your account. Genius!

What would a digital conference be without a shout out to Mobile? Eric Couch from Bing presented on the “New Dynamic of Mobile eCommerce” and it touched on key points to keep in mind as we all continue to shift our attention to mobile. Couch highlighted Voice Search becoming a major player in PPC with the uptick in wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. He points out that voice search is bringing rise to longer tail keywords and keywords incorporating more question terms such as “who”, “when” and “where.” So as Siri becomes more people’s companions for conversation so do we as search marketers have to start taking these search terms into account.

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As a recap from my top three super interesting sessions, Paid Search and Beyonce have more in common than you thought and RLSA Google Analytics audiences are the new thing. Sophie Newton from Brainlabs was incredible at beefing up your holiday planning and making it a little more automated and precise. And last but not least mobile. Couch enlightened us all on voice search starting to take hold so we as search marketers just need to stay on top of our game!