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3 Ways Be More Efficient in AdWords

3 MINUTE READ | June 2, 2015

3 Ways Be More Efficient in AdWords

AdWords, like all good digital programs, seem to have an update once month with new fancy UI fixes and features to make your paid search life easier and more productive. Here are three fixes I’ve recently stumbled upon to make my every day that much more efficient.

Gone are the Days of Sitelink Work Arounds

Uploading sitelinks in the old editor, 10.6.0, was a clunky and confusing process. You weren’t able to upload sitelinks that had the same link text, so as a work around you had to uniquely label each sitelink with a different number to make the link text unique and then play the find and replace game. At that point you could then finally push your sitelinks live.

In the new AdWords Editor 11.0 and up, this work around is no longer needed. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to your settings in AdWords Editor >

  2. In the second drop down, select “create new sitelink if destination URL is different” and click apply.

Adwords Sitelink

And just like that you can happily upload a sitelink with the same link text to multiple campaigns as long as they have unique destination URLs.

Top Movers Make Over

Nestled in the Dimensions Tab, in the “View” dropdown bar lives a “Top Movers” section, which has lived there since 2013, but recently got an update.

This recently revised report provides a summary chart of key metrics and the core campaign or ad group related to these fluctuations. So for account managers, if you’re in a bind to see where your clicks are taking the biggest dip or see why your cost is spiking, this view gives you quick insight to spot significant changes to your account performance looking at a 7-28 day window.

Top Movers Report

Ad Group Granular Details

As account managers, with fairly sizeable accounts, we are constantly looking for quick ways to QA and make sure the settings in our accounts are in a good place across a multitude of campaigns. With the rollout of the campaign details report last month, Google has now added the ad group details report this week, conveniently located in the Dimensions tab.

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This newly added report allows account managers to quickly spot check settings at a more granular level, such as the number of sitelinks approved or disapproved, bid modifier settings and various account settings all wrapped in one report to make our lives in AdWords that much more efficient.

Posted by Amanda Presley

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