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5 Hidden Gems in Coda

3 MINUTE READ | October 27, 2011

5 Hidden Gems in Coda

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Chris Alvares, Head of Technology

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Coda is by far one of the best HTML+CSS Editors out there. While a bit pricey at $99, its fluid animations and tons of useful features make this a powerhouse editor without all the bloat. Here are some features you might not have known about, but could definitely help shorten your development time even more.

  1. Page Collaboration

Coda contains a feature known as sharing, which adds Google Document style sharing to your programming arsenall. If you are working with a group of Coders and need a small bit of help from another developer, you can invite him to share your document. You will see his changes as he types them. To do this, just open a document, look to the bottom bar, and click the “Share” button. From there you can invite other developers to collaborate.

Just click on whoever you want to invite, and they should be able to access the file from their own computer!

  1. Code Snippets

Code Snippets in Coda are super useful, by default, Coda gives you the format for the different doctypes for HTML, but it is more powerful when you add your own.

Here we can see I added my starting template for all files I create as a code snippet. This allows me to create new pages quickly and easy.

  1. Write C# Code using Coda

Writing PHP, Python, HTML, and CSS code is super easy using Coda, but Coda allows you to add even more languages such as C# and Java, these can be added by downloading the seestyle files from here. You can even compile the files using the built in terminal.

  1. Split Coda Windows into two

It is well known within the Coda community that you can split a single file window down the middle, but did you know you can split the Coda window with mutiple files? All you need to do is go to File->New Split and then select a file from the file window.

  1. Coda Plugins: Must Have

Coda Plugins are known to most people, but one in general is so important, you will be knocking your head against a brick wall if you have not already been using it. (You can find all of the Coda Plugins here).

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This tool gives you the option to not only tidy and minifiy Javascript and CSS, but it also helps validate PHP. It is the perfect tool when you are given unreadable code and need to make it, well, readable again.

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