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Act On What’s Trending For Your Audience

3 MINUTE READ | June 23, 2016

Act On What’s Trending For Your Audience

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Natalee Geldert, Head of Brand Media

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It’s easy to see what’s trending on the Internet, at least in a rudimentary fashion—just pull up the top Google searches or glance at the trending topics feature on Twitter or Facebook.

However, it can be hard out there on social media for the brands to continue to permeate culture and act on what is ‘relevant’. Their tweets and Facebook posts reach millions of people, and while the results can sometimes be iconic, it seems they’re more likely to make a splash for the inevitable apologies after cringe-inducing attempts to join a national conversation.

This begs the need for a solution, more specifically a technology that can act as an army vs. an agency hiring a room full of people to find what’s trending and act against it. Enter Taykey.

Taykey empowers Fortune 500 brands to act on what’s trending, delivering real-time advertising solutions that drive relevance and results.

Taykey mines data from thousands of online sources, discovers what is trending for specific audiences and automates the media buying process. Ultimately, Taykey’s real-time advertising solution helps brands like American Express, BestBuy, General Electric, Paramount, Beats By Dre and Starbucks transform unique insights into audiences, trending conversations and consumer sentiment.

Consumer attention is more fragmented than ever, making it difficult to connect with targeted audiences at scale. Taykey’s Trend Advertising technology helps brands automatically discover relevant articles & videos and align their advertising in real time. How it works:

Listen – Capture millions of data points from social and news sourcesDiscover – Identify trends for your specific audiencesActivate – Align display ads with relevant articles and videosOptimize – Automatically adapt 24/7 as trends changeAnalyze – Reveal audience insights and understand which trends are driving results

With the NBA Finals behind us (Congrats Lebron), we are able to share a few insights where PMG leveraged Taykey to sync a retailer’s media with relevant content surrounding trends such as ‘NBA Playoffs’, ‘Golden State’, ‘Lebron James’, etc.

Shaun Livingston and Whoever Else is on the Warriors Win Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

NBA: JR Smith Opting Out Of Contract With The Cleveland Cavaliers

Floyd Mayweather can keep making posters about Conor McGregor, but still needs to call Dana White

Interaction rates were among some of the top that we have seen for our client, calling for additional scale and support for future initiatives. But we won’t stop there…

Taykey is now expanding its capabilities to do more than just buy ads alongside trending topics. The company is using its trend-spotting software to help brands create marketing campaigns that take into account what’s hot with their target audience.  Taykey has already worked with brands including Red Bull and Volkswagen to use trending topics to alter their creative campaigns. General Electric has used Taykey’s new marketing platform to create blog posts on its sites that publish editorial content.

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The possibilities are endless… so it seems.

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