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Athleta Honors Women Everywhere in New Post-Election Ad Campaign

2 MINUTE READ | November 10, 2020

Athleta Honors Women Everywhere in New Post-Election Ad Campaign

Clip of Athleta's "Women Run It All" campaign

Athleta’s 60-second YouTube ad ends on the message: “Women Run the Future.”

To mark the end of the 2020 election season, Athleta built upon its influential “Power of She” campaign with “Women Run It All,” a creative homage to all the ways women work as everyday heroes. From athletes in training to women participating in marches through history, images of moms running the household, and tributes to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Athleta campaign features snapshots into the vibrant lives of girls and women everywhere. Overlays of historic footage featuring female astronauts, engineers, and activists are also used to amplify messages of positivity and female empowerment. 

“The campaign is meant to inspire women and girls worldwide to “keep running” regardless of the outcome of this year’s election.”

Created in partnership with YARD NYC and the PMG team, Athleta’s campaign celebrates how women run the future — starting now. The campaign is running in print, including a New York Times centerfold, and across digital platforms with influencer collaborations and video ads on Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, Roku, Twitter, and YouTube. 

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Read more about the campaign on Ad Age, Marketing Dive, Smart Brief, and Campaign, and don’t miss the full 60-second spot on YouTube.

Posted by Abby Long

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