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Back-To-School: Digital Forecast & 6 Marketing Tips

2 MINUTE READ | July 15, 2013

Back-To-School: Digital Forecast & 6 Marketing Tips

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Earl Hwang

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My parents absolutely hated shopping for my school supplies. HATED IT. Every year, they complained about how much they were spending so I could barely make due with a mediocre report card, but it had to be done. Every year, frustrated parents will endure the tedious task of buying things that will ensure their child stays away from home for at least 8 ours a day. It wasn’t easy then, and it’s definitely not getting any easier now…

The Back-To School season for shopping is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean your business is going to suffer. In fact, we’ve found that parents between K-12 will spend on average 14% more this year. (My parents would have freaked…)

That’s right, and as the cost of Back-To-School hits its all-time high, marketers should engage earlier and more-often. The key is to ensure that your marketing strategies are reaching parents wherever and whenever they’re looking for deals, because my cheapo parents would have been one of the 51% of people rummaging for sales left and right.

Take a look at our BACK-TO-SCHOOL INFOGRAPHIC to see what more your company can do this school season to bring home the “A,” if you know what I mean.

Back-To-School Infographic from PMG

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Back-To-School Infographic from PMG

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