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Brand Safety on Facebook

2 MINUTE READ | April 3, 2017

Brand Safety on Facebook

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In the current state of the world, brand safety is now, more than ever, a major advertising concern. In light of recent platform issues around brand safety key stakeholders are questioning if brands should be running on certain platforms and placements. While Facebook is definitely committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for people and brands alike, here are a few steps you can take as an advertiser to protect your brand at a higher level.

Sourced from Facebook Business

Sourced from Facebook Business

To provide agencies/advertisers more control of where and how ads may appear, Facebook currently offers three tools that allow you to block content within Instant Articles, Audience Network & in-stream video:

  • Placement opt-outs allow advertisers to opt out of Instant Articles, in-stream videos or the Audience Network if they do not want to run within those environments. Generally, brands see a four percent to six percent decrease in reach by fully opting out of these placements.

  • Category blocking gives advertisers the ability to block certain sensitive categories of content in which they don’t want their ads to be seen. Sensitive categories include:

    • Dating

    • Gambling

    • Mature

    • Tragedy and Conflict

    • Debatable social issues

  • Domain/app block lists allow advertisers to block their ads from delivery on certain websites, apps or Instant Articles. Make sure your list is extensive with both domains and apps.

And over the coming month, Facebook will be releasing two updates aimed at improving these controls:

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  • Unifying category blocking capabilities across placements and objectives. Advertisers will have one list of categories that apply to Audience Network, Instant Articles & in-stream video and they will be available across all objectives where those placements are available.

  • Domain and app blocking at the account level. Advertisers will soon be able to set block lists at the account level and have them apply to all campaigns within that account. The blocks will apply to publishers within Instant Articles & the Audience Network.