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Call Me Pintrigued

2 MINUTE READ | December 2, 2014

Call Me Pintrigued

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Creative block. We’ve all been there. At some point in a project, the thesaurus fails to inspire, the word web doesn’t catch anything new, and everyone in the brainstorm feels shorted out. Most of my creative peers would simply work on something else for a while and hope an idea strikes. But I’ve found a new source for instant inspiration: Pinterest. Yes, call me a late adopter.

Searching for something as simple as a donut returns tens of thousands of results from the minds of thousands of different people. Everything from innovative recipes to Christmas tree ornaments to Halloween costumes. No longer is my creative inspiration limited to my own thoughts or the people on my team. Because the beautiful thing about finding inspiration on Pinterest is that instead of a few like-minded people in a room coming to similar conclusions, my Pinterest “team” come from everywhere, have vastly different opinions on donuts, and don’t have to agree on a single thing, other than that donuts are amazing in every way.

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A few pins here and there, and my creative juices are flowing again. And forget about having to search for old notes when a similar project comes around. My boards are saved for later and are easily accessed from my laptop or smartphone. Instant, global access to everything I need. Plus, one of the best things about Pinterest is that it’s constantly being updated by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. This isn’t some stagnant search on a stock photography site that always seems to return the same 200 images. This is a living, breathing creation bursting with new ideas and instant updates around the latest trends and technology. Tell me you’re now Pinterested or even Pintrigued. Just don’t tell me you’ve run out of ideas, because inspiration is only a pin away.