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CES 2015: 5 Quick Reasons to Go Next Year

3 MINUTE READ | January 10, 2015

CES 2015: 5 Quick Reasons to Go Next Year

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Price Glomski, SVP, Global Media & Partnerships

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I like to play craps.  Now, I also like to incorrectly bet the field, which is basically like placing your cash on a well-lit Duraflame log.

That doesn’t have anything to do with the below other than CES takes place in Vegas. I’m currently on the plane headed back from the show and I thought it might be good timing to share some thoughts on the CES 2015.

Moore Wasn’t Lying About His Law – This is a gross understatement as the technology progression within 1 year is unbelievable.  CES is a perfect hub for product owners, innovation leads and/or someone stuck in a creative rut (any industry).  CES also shows us how saturated certain areas of the market are such as 4K TVs, any type of health related wearable and 3D printing.

Tech West or Sands Expo Hall – In previous years, we have overlooked the better part of the show which I now consider to be Tech West or Sands Expo Hall (In the Venetian).  This is a perfect place for distributors, marketers, analyst, product folks or simply… Inspiration. CES’ on words state Tech West as “an area that encompasses revolutions in fitness and health, the internet of things, sensors and other high-growth tech changing the way we live, work and play”.

Product Speed Dating – My recommendation would be to use CES as a hub for a series of meetings.  The conference continues to pull new industry folks into the mix and it is a mecca for digital advertising leadership and C-Level decision makers.  We use this as a meeting trajectory point for SXSW and finishing with Canne.  CES is perfect for 15 – 30 minute quick meetings with current and new partners.

Personal Product Favorites – My Best in Show

  • LG Twin Washer

  • 3D Doodle Pen

  • Mercedes Benz F 015

  • LG 77-inch 4K Flexible OLED

Tech and Sensory Overload – There is no preparation for CES. Mentally, I always feel drained after the show. In some cases, there is too much product and the Expo flow seems to be planned by the head of IKEA. That being said, I’d recommend 3 – 4 days max unless you’re an exhibitor.

  1. Day 1. Tech East and work from your room

  2. Day 2. Setup 3 – 4 Preset Quick Partner Meetings

  3. Day 3. Tech West and work from your room

  4. Day 4. Sleep-In. Additional meetings and Expo wrap-up.

CES as an experience is something great. The week itself is similar to a “choose your own adventure” series.  Ask questions. Meet 100x new industry colleagues. Share your thoughts.

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