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Ecommerce Platform Choice Must Weigh Tradeoffs

1 MINUTE READ | August 6, 2020

Ecommerce Platform Choice Must Weigh Tradeoffs

With the pandemic is driving companies to conduct more of their business online, ecommerce platforms have seen significant growth. One such company is Shopify, and it was the topic of a recent Search Engine Land article, which highlights the pros and cons of the platforms, and major considerations companies need to keep in mind during their evaluation and selection process.

PMG’s Jason White shared his thoughts with SEL, including specific items that merchants need to consider. As with any platform, there will be tradeoffs — with Shopify, duplicate URLs will be one of those. According to White, “There isn’t any one platform which is better than the other — it’s all in how you manage the tradeoffs.”

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The article closed with White’s thoughts for merchants. He said, “Modern SEO is the accumulation of incremental gains and maximizing what you have available, pushing forward however possible. The platform used should be a business decision with an omni-channel approach. From there, the SEO team should be expected to work hand-in-hand with the development team to drive those incremental returns.”

Posted by: David Gong

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