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Europe Opens Borders, and Protests Bring Forth Monumental Change

4 MINUTE READ | June 15, 2020

Europe Opens Borders, and Protests Bring Forth Monumental Change

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We are now three weeks into nationwide protests against police brutality and racial inequality in the US, and it’s been just over three months since the WHO declared the novel coronavirus a (global) pandemic. Time flies when anxiety and unrest is at an all-time high. I hope you’re able to find some time to decompress this week. 

In today’s briefing, let’s get you caught up on the news you might have missed from over the weekend. 

Many states saw record numbers of new coronavirus cases over the weekend, a spike largely attributed to Memorial Day socializing weeks before. Caseloads are falling in the Northeast and Midwest and rising quickly across the South and Western regions of the United States. 

In Europe, many countries have opened international borders, and France is ending limitations on restaurants and international travel earlier than expected after notable drops in new infections. Though borders are open, restrictions have been imposed on travelers traveling from countries with uncontrolled outbreaks and rising case counts. In Beijing, lockdown measures were reinstituted after a fresh outbreak of cases was linked to a major wholesale food market

The question remains whether new outbreaks of the coronavirus can be quickly contained or if they will delay the global economic recovery from lockdowns. 

Over the weekend, a police shooting in Atlanta sparked new outrage, immediately resulting in violent protests and a building fire, the resignation of the Atlanta police chief, and the firing of the police officer involved in the incident. Protests for racial equality continue to draw large crowds across the US and abroad, with Germany reporting a crowd of tens of thousands taking to the streets to advocate for many causes, including racial justice, greener policies, and animal rights. In Brooklyn, NY and West Hollywood, CA yesterday, thousands gathered in support of Black transgender Americans.

Recent changes initiated by the protests include,

According to an analysis by Axios, the 100 largest US public companies have committed $1.63B to organizations fighting racism and inequality. A closer look reveals that ten companies make up 88% of the total commitment sum, the largest being Bank of America with a four-year $1B pledge. 

Long reads of the day: The Wall Street Journal’_s Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman Struggle With Their Startup—and Each Other and _The Observer Effect’s interview with Marc Andreesen.

The MLB season restart talks have stalled after disagreements between the League and players’ union ended negotiations over the size of pay cuts players would take. Meanwhile, NBA players are divided on resuming the season amid the pandemic and protests. In Hollywood, Academy Awards ceremony officials are expected to announce a postponement of next year’s Awards as movie releases are in complete disarray due to the pandemic. 

Tuesday: US retail sales, Jerome Powell semiannual monetary-policy report to Congress

Wednesday: Jerome Powell semiannual monetary-policy report to Congress continues

Thursday: Unemployment claims, Premier League restarts, new Fortnite season

Friday: Juneteenth

The weekend: Don’t forget Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st. 

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