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Fun With Google Trends

2 MINUTE READ | October 12, 2012

Fun With Google Trends

Ever wondered what’s trending on Google’s most popular search topics? In SEO we wonder this every day. Recently I’ve been using Google Trends to help stay ahead of the curve and discover breaking news, current events and trending search topics. Google Trends displays search volumes over time and is fairly easy to use.

Here’s a simple example of how Google Trends works.

Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving

As you can see, searches for “Christmas”, “Halloween” and “Thanksgiving” skyrocket each year as the holidays approach. With that cat in the bag let’s move on to some unique finds in the world of trending search.

Travel and Wedding

Looks like weddings and travel are two peas in a pod here. More importantly, it looks as if weddings are requiring less and less travel, which is totally awesome.

West Nile Virus

What the heck happened to progress?

War & Peace

Sad but true. Also, it looks as if interest in war diminishes during the summer months.

Utopia vs. Dystopia

It’s only natural to follow war and peace with utopia and dystopia.From the looks of things we all want the same thing!


Oh snap! Religion takes a nice healthy plunge during those summer months.

The Presidential Election vs. American Idol

This is just sad. Priorities right?

Diet and Health

Searches for “health” take a major dive each Fall before both “diet” and “health” make a major comeback for everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. You stay at it America!

Afghanistan vs. PS3

Oh c’mon kids snap out of it!

First Date vs. Break Ups


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Google Trends is a great tool for quickly monitoring trends and comparing search traffic. Try it yourself and have some fun with Google Trends!

Posted by: Christopher Davis

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