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Get the Most Out of Your Content

4 MINUTE READ | December 11, 2014

Get the Most Out of Your Content

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Have you ever written a great article and you were just like, “OMG this is the best piece of content ever! #ImAwesome!” and so you start thinking about all the possible ways you can share this great piece of awesomeness across the internet? Many people will just share their newly created masterpiece across social media and stop there. But if it is truly a great piece of content, you shouldn’t limit it to one medium. To get the most of your content, consider re-purposing your content across difference channels. Not only will you create more exposure for your content, but you can’t potentially tailor your content for different audiences.


YouTube is the second largest search engine–bigger than Yahoo, Bing, and AOL combined–so why not utilize it? Transforming a written piece of content into a video could be simple or challenging depending on the content.

An instructional article can be turned into a how-to video. You can illustrate and explain the key points in your article using a whiteboard (or chalkboard if you’re old school like that). Or maybe, you recite your “Top Ten Favorite Restaurants” article in the styling of Samuel L. Jackson. With video, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget to share your video on social media and include a link in the description (or using annotations within the video) to direct people to the original article.

Sometimes a lengthy article can be hard to digest. Pulling information out of your written content and putting it into slides can help the information stick better for many audiences. You can create slideshow presentations for free using Prezi or SlideShare. Try to stick to one point or topic per slide.

Avoid creating slides with a large paragraph of text–if someone wanted to read that much, they probably would have just read your article in the first place. Include a link to the original article or source the slide presentation was derived from so that the viewer can learn more if they wish. Also, include a link the slideshow with the original article/content if possible as it will make for good supplemental material.

If you have a blog or a series of articles you’ve written, repurposing your content into a podcast may help you gain more exposure. Podcasts give you the leverage to reach an audience while they are stuck in traffic, out for a jog, stalking their ex; you know, things that require the use of their eyes.

However, a podcast isn’t an audio file of you reading off content. It needs to be conversational in order to engage your listeners. Ask questions and then provide answers. Make sure your topics flow nicely. Use some nice little sound effects and royalty free intro/outro music. Share your podcast on iTunes and/or your website. You can also check some podcast hosting sites such as Podomatic or Libsyn.

Infographics have gained a lot of popularity over the years and it’s no surprise why. We like visual content. If you’ve written a piece that required a lot of research, creating an infographic is a great way to showcase that research. Also, chances are that people are more likely to share an infographic than an article. You can use Canva to create a decent looking infographic if you do not have access to design software.


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BONUS! Crop out certain segments of your infographic and incorporate them in future posts or share on social media.

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