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Google Adds Directory in Local Panel

2 MINUTE READ | February 20, 2018

Google Adds Directory in Local Panel

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To help searchers better navigate shopping centers and outlet malls, Google added a tab to the local panel named “Directory” which acts as a mall directory for indoor and outdoor shopping centers. It’s important to note that the tab only displays for mobile and tablet local panels in search results, which makes sense seeing as the spec is targeted towards helping on-the-go shoppers navigate to their favorite stores. The Directory tab shows searchers what stores are located in that mall and even allows for them to be searched by name or browsed by store type.

From what we have seen, this tab is showing in the local panel in search results for,

  • iOS Chrome Mobile App

  • Safari for mobile

  • All Android mobile devices

And not available for,

  • iOS Google App

  • Android or iOS Google Map Apps

  • Desktop Search

While there is no way to “opt-in” to the directory in the event that your store isn’t showing (yet), the safest bet is to claim your business listings with a verified account and ensure that your address, hours and phone numbers are up to date. Another option is to add the schema that supports “Located In” on your individual property pages. What’s interesting about this update is that even unverified/unclaimed listings will display in the Directory.

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We predict that this update is just another step Google is taking to ensure users are staying on longer, similar to Local Inventory Ads and Google AMP’s new capabilities.

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