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It's Official: Google Catalogs to Shut Down on Aug. 4, 2015

2 MINUTE READ | February 28, 2015

It's Official: Google Catalogs to Shut Down on Aug. 4, 2015

Google Catalogs to Shut Down

Google Catalogs to Shut Down

Earlier this week, Google announced that it is discontinuing Google Catalogs. The once highly touted interactive shopping experience, which launched back in 2011, will officially shut down on August 4, 2015. This announcement comes a little less than two years after the mobile app was retired.

Here is the email that Google sent to all registered Catalogs users:

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You are receiving this email because you have used the Google Catalogs services and/or products.

After a decade of valuable service, Google Catalogs is scheduled to sunset on August 4, 2015.

The Google Catalogs publishing service will be permanently discontinued on August 4, 2015, with any published material or embedded hosted material remaining live until this time. However, support will end on May 4, 2015. This includes assistance with catalog creation, help with website embedding, and answering other support related questions.

Google Catalog Lightbox Ads will be available for creation through March 31 2015, and continue to serve until June 30, 2015. A new Catalog Lightbox Ad format is currently in development which will simplify ad creation and increase ad performance. We invite you to participate in this innovative ad format when it is publicly launched.

We thank you for your continued partnership with the service. It has been a fun journey bringing a traditionally print medium to your consumers in a digital age. Any questions should be directed to

Thank you for your continued interest,

The Google Catalogs Team

Posted by Jacob Herman

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