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PMG Expands Audience-Based Targeting Capabilities With Exclusive Google Customer Match Uploader Service

2 MINUTE READ | May 26, 2016

PMG Expands Audience-Based Targeting Capabilities With Exclusive Google Customer Match Uploader Service

PMG, the digital marketing agency at the forefront of developing proprietary technology to attain performance results, has been named one of only four preferred partners in Google’s Customer Match Uploader (CMU) service. The service will be provided to PMG’s clients via its Audience Management Platform.

With AMP, PMG uploads clients’ anonymized customer match data files to a non-public, authorized API. The upload includes flags that tell Google which accounts should house the audiences, and Google then proceeds with the standard Customer Match audience creation process, resulting in audiences being deployed into the appropriate AdWords accounts.

Exclusive providers of Customer Match Uploader service announced at the Google Performance Summit.

“The digital space is marching towards greater personalization, especially around intent, and using audience-based targeting is at the center of everything we do at PMG for our clients,” said George Popstefanov, founder and CEO of PMG. He added, “Google shares a similar vision so we are excited to partner with them on the CMU service.”

AMP also allows the upload of customer data files and creation of Customer Match audiences without requiring login access to specific AdWords accounts, or a change of authentication keys. This eliminates common technical issues such as token validity.

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Joining PMG in the exclusive list of preferred partners are LiveRamp, Merkle, and Neustar. AMP, however, is the only tool that offers an interface where users can build segments using dynamic filters, preview relative audience sizes and attributes, and set up deployments to media platforms, refreshing those external audiences as new data becomes available. With AMP, marketers have an industry-first tool to intelligently segment their CRM data and leverage it in digital marketing channels.

Posted by David Gong

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