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Google Updates for Scaling Brand Awareness Efficiently

3 MINUTE READ | September 16, 2020

Google Updates for Scaling Brand Awareness Efficiently

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As brands plan for holiday, one of the recurring conversations is around driving awareness and ensuring brands are effectively connecting with consumers who will be starting their shopping earlier than ever in 2020. An added layer of complexity to these conversations is how the omnichannel approach will continue to evolve as online touch points increase.

Today’s announcements in “The Advertising Solutions Center” add tools to help advertisers be smarter about how they are reaching consumers, how their YouTube media placements add incremental value to traditional TV buys, and ultimately drive better results for brands. With over two billion logged-in YouTube users each month, the streaming boom is at full force, meaning that it’s important to have a CTV presence and evaluate these strategies going into Q4. 

Google is investing in expanding its capabilities to plan and analyze campaigns within YouTube, allowing advertisers to be more nimble and prepared for campaigns. One key way Google is doing this is by planning to expand availability of Nielsen Total Ad Ratings (TAR) to the UK and Italy, which will enable advertisers to understand the overlap between Digital and TV reach, and gain visibility into the incremental reach between these two mediums. Additionally, Google is expanding TV in Reach Planner, powered by third-party data, to new countries, allowing brands to ensure they are maximizing their reach between traditional TV and YouTube video ads.

Lastly, Google is improving planning capabilities beyond YouTube; Display & Video 360 will now enable advertisers to plan for deduplicated reach across not only YouTube ads and open auction buys, but also — for the first time — programmatic deals, both guaranteed and non-guaranteed. Our recommendation is to spend some time in the next few weeks getting familiar with these new features to run Q4 forecasting through scenarios for the forecasts’ potential impact.

Building on the enhancements to insights, Google is building on its contextual targeting by introducing YouTube dynamic lineups, which are off-the-shelf segments that reach your audiences on the most relevant content. This product takes into consideration a myriad of signals from the YouTube interface, including the topics that are popular in different cohorts (such as country, industry, etc.), and the micro-moments that are impactful (such as holiday, trending topics, etc.). We believe that leveraging this contextual targeting will improve engagement with consumers due to increased relevancy.

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As we move into the holiday season, effectively and efficiently connecting with consumers will help differentiate brands and improve discovery for shoppers. Being early adopters of these Google updates will allow brands to lean into these connection points, providing an enhanced and cohesive experience for the consumer.

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