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Hey Ad Tech Company – Here is the Secret to Making an Agency Love You

3 MINUTE READ | April 6, 2017

Hey Ad Tech Company – Here is the Secret to Making an Agency Love You

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Kia Igel

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PMG is full of great, fun people. We want to work with awesome partners too.

We all know there are more ad tech companies in the digital space than anyone can count. To stand out to agencies and brands, you must have amazing, unique tech. That will get you on the plan. But new innovations pop up every second. Your competitors will create comparable tech before you know it.

To make the agency or brand fall in love with you, you also must have incredible customer service. That, my friends, will keep you on plans for years to come.

Here at PMG, I’ve noticed that our “go-to” partners encompass, and excel in, three areas of customer service:

It’s important to remember all agencies are different. The reports you send to one agency, for example, may not be helpful to another. Something as simple as sending over a report in a PPT format instead of a PDF format could save your agency contact tons of time, and in our world, time is priceless.

Another piece of advice is to ask your agency contact what their pain points are and what they expect from your service. Once you know their expectations, do your best to go above and beyond for them. Make them feel special.

If your company is not a good fit for an RFP, let the agency know. Yes, it may be difficult to walk away from money in the short term, but the agency will know they can trust you and come to you if they need advice. This proves that you will be a good partner in the long run.

Once you are on the plan: if a problem happens, own up to it. Don’t lie or try to hide it. Be honest as to what happened so the agency can fix it. Then tell the agency what you will do to prevent this from happening again in the future. A plan for moving forward will give the agency faith to run with you again.

We are an agency of people (really fun and cool people I might add), not robots. Be nice, be respectful, just be pleasant to work with. Some requests may come your way that make your head spin. I guarantee you that if a process or issue frustrates you, it also frustrates us. We don’t make you do crazy, insane tasks just for fun, I promise!

It may sound obvious, but working with a nice campaign manager or ad exec is much more enjoyable than working with a grumpy vendor contact. And if it comes down to two vendors with the same tech, prices, etc., I bet the agency picks the company that is easier and nicer to work with.

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