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Hey You, Refresh Your Creative!

2 MINUTE READ | November 25, 2014

Hey You, Refresh Your Creative!

So, you’re watching your favorite show on Hulu and the commercials come on and you think, “Cool, only 2 minutes and 30 seconds until my show is back. Let the countdown begin!” Then you hit another commercial break and it’s the same 2 minutes and 30 seconds of commercials and then you hit another and there they are AGAIN. You’re starting to think that these brands are the only ones allowed to advertise on the internet and then you start to dislike them. I mean, they are interrupting your favorite show – manners, please! Here are some surefire ways to make sure your brand’s manners are intact.

  • Bribe the viewer. Yes, you are interrupting their favorite show, so why not make it worthwhile. Say, “Hey, I know you’re super excited about your show and all, but click here and we will give you 20% off your next purchase.” I’d say that’s a pretty legit tradeoff.

  • Tailor your creative. You know what your consumer likes so don’t show them irrelevant things. Show them gender specific creative with bright colors. Show them that cute new jacket that’s going to keep them from freezing while party hopping in December. They WANT that jacket!

  • Have 4 creative variations in rotation at all times. If you don’t have variation, you’ll basically be that person that shows up to every holiday party in the same outfit. Next thing you know, you’ll try to sit down at a table and people will say, “You can’t sit with us!” That would be sad.

  • Frequency caps are your BFF. These help prevent you from getting on people’s nerves. No one likes that guy that tells the same story 20 times. I mean, you can practically tell it for him by now. Don’t be THAT guy.

  • Refresh! Every two to three weeks you should rotate in new creative assets. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t drink milk that’s two weeks old, right?! So, don’t serve someone else the curdled milk. Ew.

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Now that you have learned creative manners, call your Mom. She will be so proud!

Posted by Madelyn Fraser

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