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How Brands Can Stand Out With User-Generated Content

1 MINUTE READ | November 12, 2020

How Brands Can Stand Out With User-Generated Content

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Abby Long

Abby Long is the Senior Managing Editor at PMG.

How Brands Can Stand Out with User-Generated Content

In his op-ed for Talking Influence, Edward Grice of PMG’s EMEA office described how brands are utilizing user-generated content to fulfill creative needs and humanize their branding efforts as the pandemic continues to disrupt professional creative industries. 

Grice posits that brands have essentially democratized the creative process, tapping the talent of their audience to adapt to the times and express their brand messaging across digital platforms. However, he warns that this shift away from the top creative houses and influential creators equates to more and more content for consumers to sift through online — thus, urging brands to find a balance between maintaining a presence and ensuring uniqueness. 

“In a sea of UGC, there’s a huge argument to be made for creative distinctness — how do you stand out? How do the messages not all blur into one?”

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Continue reading about how brands can use UGC to engage their audience, grow a following, and more in Edward Grice’s op-ed on Talking Influence.

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