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ICYMI: Hulu Offline Ads, OOH Resurgence & YouTube TV

2 MINUTE READ | June 4, 2018

ICYMI: Hulu Offline Ads, OOH Resurgence & YouTube TV

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With the first day of summer quickly creeping upon us, we’re sharing where PMG has landed in the news in May. With commentary from two of our media experts and our resident blockchain expert, don’t miss where we’ve been mentioned in the news below.

PMG’s Natalee Geldert recently spoke with Digiday about Hulu’s newly announced offline ads service. Many advertisers are questioning the potential challenges of these ads. “If we’re able to target against both Hulu licensed content and their original content… the potential is extraordinary,” said Natalee. Check out the full article here.

PMG’s Dustin Engel recently drew from his decade-plus experience to talk with Adweek about rethinking OOH. Dustin highlighted some of the benefits of OOH units, like “more creative flexibility and lower production costs.” For more, check out the full article (paywall) here.

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PMG’s Amanda Lisak, also recently spoke with Digiday about Google’s announcement at its I/O conference in May. Google’s taking another stab at Amazon’s home assistants, announcing the future of “smart display” devices. “This could be quite the win for Google,” said Amanda. Check out the full article here for more on how smart display devices will give advertisers a more direct means to target consumers.