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ICYMI: PMG Insights In the News

1 MINUTE READ | October 19, 2016

ICYMI: PMG Insights In the News

Today, MarketingLand published an article about the continuing issues of harassment on Twitter. Two of our social media gurus, Price Glomski and Earl Hwang, share their thoughts on if and how that’s affected brands’ efforts in the channel. Read the full story here.

Earlier this week, The Drum posted an extensive marketers’ guide to Penguin 4.0, an update Google made back in September to encourage webmasters to focus on creating better websites. Our chief traffic officer, Kerry Dean, talked about results that these updates drive for clients, and also ponders how the cat-and-mouse game will continue to evolve. Read more here.

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Lastly, PMG’s Cristina Freeman contributed to another exhaustive industry guide on AdExchanger. The story offered a buy-side guide to header bidding. She shared her insights into how PMG views and approaches header bidding on behalf of clients. The full story can be found here.

Posted by: David Gong