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ICYMI: PMG Shares Thoughts on Placed, Google and Talent Cultivation

1 MINUTE READ | June 17, 2019

ICYMI: PMG Shares Thoughts on Placed, Google and Talent Cultivation

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David Gong

With PMG since 2012, David Gong has led marketing initiatives at PMG, drawing on his past experience at agencies, publishers, and industry partners.

Welcome to the latest edition of ICYMI, where we recap PMG’s contribution of insights and opinions across a number of timely topics in recent industry articles.

First up, Carly Carson was quoted in an AdExchanger story that examined why Snap wasn’t able to maximize its acquisition of Placed, which it recently sold to Foursquare. Over its two years of ownership, there were many reasons why Snap wasn’t able to prioritize integrating Placed’s unique capabilities into its ad offerings, including the company’s focus being on addressing user privacy issues, according to Carson.

Additionally, AdExchanger also quoted Justin Scarborough extensively in its piece earlier this week about the potential antitrust investigation into Google. The article delves into whether or not Google should be broken up, and Scarborough gave his thoughts on why it may not be so easy, or practical.

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Lastly, PMG’s VP of people operations Chris Sinclair shared an op-ed in Adweek (paywall) about the importance of focusing on optimizing a company’s internal talent pipeline. The piece reflects PMG’s own efforts in building a learning culture and cultivating strong leaders to grow organically and not rely on only external hires.