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Influencers Respond to Social Distancing

1 MINUTE READ | April 2, 2020

Influencers Respond to Social Distancing

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Angela Seits, Strategy & Insights Managing Director

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The authentic connection influencers have developed with their audience serves as a guidepost for brands during a time of uncertainty. As social media use surges among consumers stuck at home, influencers show how to keep audiences informed, entertained, and inspired.

The world outlook right now might seem pretty bleak. Health concerns about a global pandemic along with the daily news cycle, political division, and economic forecast make it all but impossible for brands to be heard, let alone welcomed into the conversation. Influencers show us a way to authentically connect with audiences during these challenging times.

People naturally turn to their favorite content creators for inspiration as they actively look for ways to alleviate stress and avoid boredom while staying home. Brands can fill a true human need by partnering with influencers to bring more joy and positivity to people as they adjust to “the new normal.”

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In PMG’s latest POV, we explore how influencers are responding to the global pandemic by vertical, keeping consumers engaged, and how brands can be apart of the conversation.

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