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What It Means to Be a Kenshoo Enterprise Certified Agency

2 MINUTE READ | May 15, 2013

What It Means to Be a Kenshoo Enterprise Certified Agency

Kenshoo is the Paid Search Management Platform that we use to manage multiple search engines. It’s where we manage our bids, execute our strategies, and generate our reports.

As the SEM world is scrambling to transition to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, we’re chugging right along with the help of Kenshoo. Our clients are big (We mean REALLY BIG), and we’re working with millions and millions of keywords. Transitioning a large client account over to Enhanced Campaigns is a long-haul process that could take weeks. Kenshoo makes this process so much easier by helping us track what we’ve transitioned concurrently with what we haven’t. We can set dimensions and pull reports specifically on what has been upgraded to Enhanced to date. This is great because we can analyze the data and learn from the findings to adapt our transition strategy. The ability to bulk update from legacy to Enhanced is a really great feature to have in Kenshoo Editor when we can’t afford to make changes one campaign at a time. Mobile support questions? They have the answers for that too. When we’ve had questions, Kenshoo’s support team has been great. We have had calls answered by our Kenshoo rep at 10pm when we were just expecting his voicemail.

Why certification? As an agency, we want to be leaders in the digital space of SEM. Kenshoo isn’t for everyone – we get it, but we’ve mastered navigating it and we’ve learned how to adapt it to multiple clients. Certification is simply the icing on the cake. It means we’re pros, we know what we’re doing, and we get a really cool t-shirt.

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Posted by Christopher Davis

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