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NBCUniversal’s Shoppable Ads and New Facebook Watch Ad Product

1 MINUTE READ | November 6, 2019

NBCUniversal’s Shoppable Ads and New Facebook Watch Ad Product

PMG recently provided insightful commentary on a couple of new developments aimed towards TV and digital advertisers.

In a Mobile Marketer article about Comcast’s NBCUniversal rollout of ads that let viewers use their smartphones to buy products featured in shows they are watching, PMG’s Price Glomski compared the offering to the growing prevalence of the type of seamless shift from watching to buying on omnichannel platforms like Google and Amazon.

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And in an extensive piece on Digiday about Facebook Watch and its potential for gaining more ad dollars from buyers in 2020, Carly Carson talked about the issues of brand safety, custom content, and user ad experience, and how important those pieces are for advertisers as the platform tries to address its opportunities.

Posted by David Gong

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