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PMG Partners with Tarrant County College to Create More Paths to Digital and Marketing Careers

3 MINUTE READ | November 9, 2022

PMG Partners with Tarrant County College to Create More Paths to Digital and Marketing Careers

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PMG is a global independent digital company that seeks to inspire people and brands that anything is possible. Driven by shared success, PMG uses business strategy and transformation, creative, media, and insights, along with our proprietary marketing intelligence platform Alli, to deliver Digital Made for Humans™. With offices in New York, London, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Atlanta, and Cleveland, our team is made up of over 500 employees globally, and our work for brands like Apple, Nike, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Gap Inc., Kohler, Momentive, Sephora, and Shake Shack has received top industry recognitions including Cannes Lions and Adweek Media Plan of the Year.

PMG is partnering with Tarrant County College (TCC), one of the largest community colleges providing affordable education and vocational training in the U.S., to accelerate digital career training as demand for diverse talent with skills in data, analytics, digital marketing, and ecommerce continues to grow. The new Digital Career Accelerator led by PMG aims to train more than 1,000 TCC students in digital, marketing, and advertising foundations by 2028, creating more paths into PMG and the larger industry and business communities. The company will also commit $50,000 in merit scholarships to 50 program participants over the next five years.

“Creating a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity in our industry starts with exposing more people to the opportunities digital has created and arming them with the training, skills, and fundamentals they will need to succeed,” said PMG CEO George Popstefanov. “We are making this investment because we believe digital training should be accessible to everyone and that PMG can be a catalyst for changing our industry and our communities for the better. We are thrilled to be working with TCC, along with our partners at Google, Meta, and industry leaders, to introduce thousands of community college students to advanced digital training and skills and to create more avenues to bring new talent and diverse perspectives into our industry.”

Designed and led by PMG’s team of industry experts, the TCC program is based on the curriculum developed over seven years for PMG’s Graduate Leadership Program to provide early careers training to new graduates, helping them bridge the gap between education and digital careers. During the eight-week program, TCC participants will cover:

  • The digital and industry landscape

  • Digital media and platforms

  • Data solutions and technical training

  • Professional and leadership skills

Participants will gain exposure to the industry landscape and job opportunities and will leave with an industry-recognized accreditation, as well as a roadmap of skill-building, networking, and career development opportunities. Participants will achieve their PMG Digital Career Accelerator certification upon successful completion of the Digital Career Accelerator and receiving designated industry certifications from program partners such as Google and Meta. In addition, ten PMG Launch participants will be selected annually by a joint council from PMG and TCC to receive $1,000 merit scholarships toward continued digital education resources. 

All currently enrolled TCC students with 30 college credit hours and a GPA above 2.5 are eligible to apply. To apply, current TCC students can visit

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“To give our students these digital foundations will change lives and create opportunities they never could have imagined were available to them,” said Dr. Dantrayl Smith, Director of Student Development Services, TCC. “Training and accrediting TCC students in digital will not only enhance our mission to make affordable education and training a reality, but it will give our students skills that will have a profound impact on their career prospects and for our communities.”