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PMG Pioneers Programmatic Linear TV Buying

2 MINUTE READ | November 4, 2021

PMG Pioneers Programmatic Linear TV Buying

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Abby Long

Abby Long is the Senior Managing Editor at PMG.

Earlier this year, on behalf of Best Western, PMG became one of the first digital companies to test and run impression-based programmatic TV buying as an exclusive beta partner to AMC Networks’ innovative partnership with The Trade Desk. As the first-ever programmatic buying opportunity to use household-level targeting via linear cable networks, Best Western was able to harness the full power of programmatic buying within a linear TV environment to help the brand reach customers on premium inventory across the AMC cable TV network.

The partnership between AMC Network and The Trade Desk marks a new chapter for video planning and buying, as the granularity of targeting available in this type of setup delivers the strengths of both digital and linear channels, enhancing the experience for both brands and consumers. 

This opportunity was especially timely as PMG and Best Western worked through a return to market strategy after COVID-19 halted both guest travel and Best Western’s media investments. 

“PMG worked to thoughtfully re-enter the market ensuring minimal waste while delivering scale and reach of key messages, two concepts that have traditionally been at odds in the paid media space,” said Madison Comstock, senior programmatic media manager at PMG.

“The PMG team was thrilled to be involved in such an innovative execution with two of our best partners – Best Western and The Trade Desk, and we took away plenty of learnings to apply to future opportunities with this technology,” said Justin Scarborough, senior director of programmatic advertising at PMG. “As one of the first advertisers to run programmatic linear TV buying, the collaborative work between Best Western, the PMG team, and our partners at AMC Networks and The Trade Desk truly represents the type of innovation brands need to integrate full-funnel media strategy, planning and buying, and to remain competitive in the advertising landscape.” 

PMG is proud to be one of the first digital companies to test into this early-to-market opportunity as AMC continues to play a leading role in expanding into innovative new TV buying opportunities. 

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