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PMG Shortlisted for B2B Marketing Elevation Award

2 MINUTE READ | May 19, 2020

PMG Shortlisted for B2B Marketing Elevation Award

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David Gong

With PMG since 2012, David Gong has led marketing initiatives at PMG, drawing on his past experience at agencies, publishers, and industry partners.

B2B Marketing, the London-based resource for B2B marketers across the globe, recently announced the shortlist of its annual B2B Marketing Elevation Awards, and PMG was among those honored, earning a nomination for “Best Use of Digital Techniques or Technologies.” PMG’s recognition was for its work on behalf of Puppet, a leader in the IT automation and DevOps field that works with organizations like NASA, Intel, and ADP. Namely, the judges recognized PMG’s efforts to use content to drive pipeline acceleration for Puppet.

As B2B marketers know all too well, the sales cycle can be quite lengthy depending on a prospect’s deliberate and considered approaches; with many leads residing at certain points in the funnel for extended periods of time. To tackle this challenge, Puppet adjusted its lead identification requirements in order to better distinguish and strategically pursue MQLs. In application, this new lead scoring model required leads to complete more actions that aligned with a buyer’s persona before being categorized as an MQL.

PMG was called upon by Puppet to drive growth and quicken the sales velocity for leads throughout the sales funnel without significant increases in budget. Our team worked closely in Puppet’s marketing automation system to categorize contacts and deploy those segmentations across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads. From there, PMG categorized all of Puppet’s sales content by its funnel designation and messaging purpose; whether it was to cater to prospects in the top, middle, or bottom of the sales funnel.

As the cost per lead decreased by 28%, the cost per MQL improved by 73% as the volume of MQLs in the pipeline jumped 72%, driven by a 183% improvement in the lead to MQL conversion rate.

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Other companies that made the competition’s shortlist included Oracle, Microsoft, Fujitsu Americas, Gravity Global and Stein IAS.

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