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The PMG Snapchat Spectacles Experience

3 MINUTE READ | January 4, 2017

The PMG Snapchat Spectacles Experience

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Katie Friedman

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The PMG office just received a pair of Snap Spectacles and have been playing around with them – for research purposes only, of course, and not because they’re super fun. Although they are super fun and that just makes our job easier, okay?

In order to sync up your Spectacles with your account, you will need to connect your phone to Bluetooth and make sure your Snapcode is in full view of the Spectacles camera. This will take you through the process of connecting the Spectacles to your Snapchat account. After that, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start sharing to your story:


You will know if you are recording if you see the light in the top left-hand corner of your vision. There is also an external light that will show others if you are recording them.


The spectacles automatically film up to 10 seconds at a time. To vary up the times, you can either press and hold the button for a shorter video or tap the button to record longer (you can do this twice to film up to 30 seconds at a time).


iOS devices will transfer to your story via Bluetooth automatically, while Android devices will need to transfer them over a wifi connection. If your phone and spectacles are not near each other, the spectacles will store your stories until your connection is enabled.

Pro tips:

  1. 10 Seconds: The shorter video the better – so try not to extend your film time unless you are truly doing something amazing. Think: Mariah-Carey-on-stage-during-NYE amazing.

  2. Keep your hands in the shot: Spectacles work best if you are interacting with something or someone else and showing your first person view.

  3. Look down: You will be able to see your own body which is a new and unique take on Snapchat videos. Especially if you are Mariah Carey!

  4. Use HD: If you have an iPhone, you will need to work a little harder to import the HD version of your snaps. When viewing your Specs recordings in the Snapchat app, tap Get HD near the top. As the app takes you through the directions, open the Settings app to Wi-Fi and tap the Spectacles Wi-Fi network, then return to the Snapchat app. Snapchat will import HD videos on Android by default.

  5. Bonus: Spectacles are charged for up to a days’ worth of use and come with a yellow charging case when needed.

Price: $130

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