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Reports of Amazon Clean Room Draws Attention of Advertisers

2 MINUTE READ | September 4, 2019

Reports of Amazon Clean Room Draws Attention of Advertisers

Following a report from AdExchanger and others last week about Amazon testing a clean room, MediaPost and Adweek have published stories about the topic, drawing on insights and commentary from PMG executives about the concept and how big brands stand to benefit.

Price Glomski, who leads PMG’s emerging commerce team, shared extensive commentary with Adweek’s Lisa Lacy, including some background about how a clean room might work for advertisers.

According to the Adweek article, “A clean room enables platforms and brands to combine, analyze and attribute aggregated first-party data and platform-side audience data in a privacy-centric way.”

Price also commented on how the environment would enable stakeholders to join data sources to get better insight into performance and contribution of various advertising partners, not just Amazon. He later added that an Amazon clean room would also help brands more confidently invest in the platform once they have a better understanding of how customers are shopping for their brands across different placement scenarios.

PMG’s VP of Media Services, Lora Parker, had a conversation with MediaPost about the clean room concept in general, and gave a thorough overview on how clean rooms are “a way for brand marketers or agency representatives to sit down with reps from Amazon, Google or Facebook to gain insights into targeting consumers based on specific behavior using data from both parties.”

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According to Parker, “the concept is in its infancy, with much work to be done,” and she added that while it may not solve the challenges around walled gardens and data, it represents a beginning in the process of understanding what is working and what is not in a media plan.

Posted by: David Gong

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