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SEO Auto Linker

2 MINUTE READ | August 23, 2011

SEO Auto Linker

SEO Auto Linker is a brand new WordPress plugin from PMG.

We relied pretty heavily on the venerable SEO Smart Links plugin for a long time. It was one of the first WordPress plugins that we put on any client site, but we felt like we could do something better. The result is SEO Auto Linker.

1. Specify Your Keywords in a Comma-Separated List

Keywords are added on an “or” basis. As in, if you only specify one link for the keyword (see step 3), one one of the specified keywords will be linked. In the example above, either “lorem” OR “ipsum” will be linked.

2. Specify the URL

Where do you want the keywords in step one to link? Enter that URL in the input to the right of your keywords.

3. How Many Links on Each…

At the moment this only goes up to five links. Need more? It’s probably not a good idea to do that. These links are only added to singular posts: never in the feed or archives or blog home page.

4. Finally, specify a post type

Should these links be on pages? Or posts? Or maybe some other custom post type? Specify that here.

How do I delete a keyword set?

There are two ways: hit the red X on the far right of the table or delete the keywords from the keywords field. Then just save your settings.

How do I add a keyword set to both a post AND (insert other post type)?

Just add a duplicate keyword set, URL, and links/page and specify a different post type.

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Posted by: Christopher Davis

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