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Sharing Remarketing Lists Across Adwords Accounts

2 MINUTE READ | July 26, 2016

Sharing Remarketing Lists Across Adwords Accounts

Google has made changes to the Adword’s UI that allow you to share remarketing lists across profiles of the same MCC. In the past you had to reach out to Google reps or create new lists in each individual account. This change doesn’t affect any main functionality but sometimes it’s the small things that really improve quality of life, and for the niche of PPC marketers looking to create RLSA campaigns based off a single set of re-marketing lists, this one is for you.

If you go to the ‘Admin’ tab in the MCC, you’ll see the ‘Remarketing Account’ column, which shows the tag and list sharing status of each of your managed accounts. Here your profiles will either be Client or This manager.

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‘This manager’ is referring to the account that houses your remarketing lists, it becomes the Master or Managing account. ‘Client’ is referring to the accounts using the remarketing lists housed in the Master account, and these can also be referred to as child accounts. The Master account can share its audience lists with all ofthe MCC, so any account using ‘This manager’ for the Remarketing account will be able to access those audience lists.  There is a two-step process to opt in accounts:

  1. Opt the account into ‘This manager’ in the admin tab of the MCC by selecting the account, then Edit > Remarketing account > Change to this manager

  2. In the Child account, go to ‘Account Access’ and then at the bottom, toggle the button ON for ‘Remarketing List Sharing’.

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Google’s recommendation is to opt all accounts into “this manager” if MCC-level remarketing isn’t set up, which will give them access to the Master account lists. They also recommend using the Master account for all remarketing lists and audience segmentation so that all of the child accounts can access those lists. It’s important to note that if lists are shared across profiles then any updates to lists in the manager account will affect the child profiles too.

Posted by Allan McMahon

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