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Testing…Testing…1, 2, 3.

2 MINUTE READ | November 18, 2014

Testing…Testing…1, 2, 3.

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Mariana Andersen Diaz

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Behind every (or at least most) successful marketing campaign – weeks, months, even years of testing went into creating the final product.

While it may be easiest to find a successful method for producing a desired result and stick with it for the long haul, you would be potentially missing out on countless opportunities to exceed your goals. Therefore, ongoing testing is a crucial part of operating and optimizing campaigns for success.

Whether it be in paid search – utilizing different ad variations, in display – discovering what creative imagery most resonates with your consumers, or in social – dosing different audience and interest targeting tactics, testing is crucial to finding what works best for your brand and is something that should be continuously operating in your accounts.

With various tests operating at any point in time in multiple programs keeping track of everything can be time consuming, not to mention overwhelming. In order to stay on top of your tests, keep track of and effectively communicate the results to your team & clients and best allow your results to build your future strategies, here are 3 quick tips:

  1. Have a plan:

    • Make sure you’re setting up A/B tests in a way that gives both or all variations equal opportunity to succeed. This means, an equal budget, a single variable and careful monitoring and data collection.

  2. Stay organized:

    • You might have a memory better than an elephant, you still need to find a way to communicate your test results to your team and your client. Utilize Google docs, Evernote, notebooks, however you best house your information. Leave room to note the testing strategy, implementation and results.

  3. Follow through:

    • Whatever you learn from your tests, ensure that you’re using those results to influence your future campaigns. In this way you can be constantly improving the performance of your campaigns while leaving room for future growth.

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There ya have it folks! Happy testing!