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The Limits & Endless Potential of Generative AI

4 MINUTE READ | February 9, 2023

The Limits & Endless Potential of Generative AI

Generative AI has captured the imaginations of nearly everyone, from business leaders and policymakers to marketers and technologists, with the latest generation of AI apps like ChatGPT signaling a new era in artificial intelligence. While chatbots and other AI assistants have been commercially available for years, recent advancements have supercharged the potential of this technology to revolutionize knowledge creation and productivity.

In recent months, artificial intelligence has moved to the forefront of the tech industry and digital ecosystem with the latest developments being Google’s announcement of Bard, its generative AI search and discovery product, and Microsoft formally integrating ChatGPT into the search experience on Bing. New applications, regulatory concerns, and partnership innovations are making headlines every day, as there are truly endless possibilities for what the future holds.

As the commercial capabilities of generative AI are just beginning to take shape, our latest POV explores the current generative AI landscape and how marketers can lean in and explore this evolving frontier.

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Posted by: Abby Long