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The New Google My Business API

1 MINUTE READ | December 17, 2015

The New Google My Business API

Earlier this week, Google announced the release of the Google My Business API. It’s geared towards large businesses and third parties who are looking to integrate with the Google My Business platform and publish updates to customers on Google Search & Maps.

Features that are supported:

  • Create business locations with information such as name, address, phone number, category, business hours, and more

  • Mark a business location as permanently closed

  • Manage business photos

  • List, invite and remove managers on locations and business accounts

  • Read listing state to identify Google updated, duplicate and suspended locations

  • Search/Filter locations by name, category and label

  • Set the service area for a business either by specifying a point and radius or Place IDs

  • Identify listing with issues or errors

Features that are not supported:

  • Verification of Locations

  • Reviews

  • Insights

  • Creating Business Accounts

  • Resolving issues with suspended or duplicate listings

  • Requesting Ownership

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Read more about the Google My Business API here.

Posted by: Jacob Herman