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Time to Upgrade Your Best Friend

3 MINUTE READ | February 27, 2015

Time to Upgrade Your Best Friend

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Is your computer keeping the whole office on its toes by going into a mad and loud spinning mode? Are co-workers giving you mean looks on a daily basis to take care of your equipment? Maybe it is time for an upgrade. Hard disk drives have been used since the 1950’s and contain several magnetic moving parts that can often malfunction and cause noise. One of the biggest enhancements you can make for your beloved laptop is to switch to a Solid State Drive (SSD). The first SSD, as it’s known today, started in the mid-2000’s and its steep price made it unattainable for average consumers until a few years ago. It features non-mechanical design and uses super-fast flash memory to store data.

What are some of the benefits you will immediately notice upon upgrading?

  • Speed! Do you have to wait an eternity for your laptop to boot up? Are file transfers or program launches taking forever? Move over hard disk drive, there is a new sheriff in town! SSD can improve speed and computing efficiency up to twenty times making it the most important aspect for upgrading. Running programs or applications, opening excel, loading plugins, or transferring files are all considerably faster and more reliable once you move to SSD.

  • Noise control. SSD is a smooth operator; its lack of internal moving parts is what keeps it virtually noise-free. You can run programs quietly and at the same time, you will make your way back to the lunch invite list with your less annoyed co-workers.

  • Battery life. Flash memory chips store data without the need of constant power for retainage. Due to higher energy efficiency, the battery should last up to three times longer while providing a cooler processing environment.

  • Toughness. If you’re like me, you may be prone to shoving your laptop into your bag or throwing it around while dancing to a Richard Simmons workout video, but have no fear! SSD can take a beating. It has no fragile intricate machinery and is built with a shock resistant design, making it another reason to upgrade.

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These are the points you may consider while contemplating if you’re ready to improve upon your current hard drive. The only downside is that SSD is still more expensive than the standard hard disk drive, as a 500 GB model retails around $300. However, my estimation of approximately two weeks of saved work time throughout a year due to speed improvements is certainly the case that it will pay for itself. Make the switch, you will be happy.