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Top 5 Online Tools For Building Your Keyword Coverage

2 MINUTE READ | January 6, 2016

Top 5 Online Tools For Building Your Keyword Coverage

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A vast keyword base is the cornerstone of any great PPC account, but trying to manually build out millions of keywords is both tedious and time consuming. Enter the keyword building arsenal every digital marketer worth their salt should be using.

Combine up to 4 lists of keywords in order to get every permutation of the lists. Concatenation tools like this one are really where you can bulk up your keyword lists.

Sadly enough typos exist. Trying to think through all the typos your customer base could accidentally search for would be exhausting. SEOBook’s free typo generator will give you a comprehensive list of all the random misspellings you need.

A great alternative to Google Keyword Planner, generates close to 1,000 long tail variations of the original keyword entered.

Similar to Google Keyword Planner or, Uber Suggest scrapes news feeds as well as shopping and video results in multiple engines to give you varied keyword suggestions.

This API returns alternative ways people may search a single phrase or query. No longer do you have to be an expert in your client’s unique product offering to get a full scope of what the target audience will be searching for.

Using one, or all, of these tools will not guarantee a successful PPC strategy. They will, however, start your campaign on the right foot, with a solid foundation of keyword coverage that would not be a prudent use of your time to build out manually.

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Inevitably there will be a large amount of keyword bloat in the inception of a new campaign using this method. Consistent monitoring of queries that either perform poorly or are not getting impression volume will ensure that the account stays as robust as possible throughout the campaign’s run.