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Traffic(ing) Doesn't Have to be Horrible

4 MINUTE READ | March 21, 2016

Traffic(ing) Doesn't Have to be Horrible

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Stephanie Felix

Stephanie Felix has written this article. More details coming soon.

If you are new to digital advertising or simply new to trafficking creatives within DoubleClick Campaign Manager, here is a quick 101 to help you get started! Keep in mind, these steps may vary based on the program you are running.

Adding in New Creative:

  1. Zip the folder of your creative assets.

  2. Go into DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

  3. Select New.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

    DCM Blog_Graphic 1
  4. Choose a Batch upload.

  5. Select Upload files.

  6. Find your zipped file.

  7. Check the file sizes (if a file is above 40KB, you will have to manually append tracking. This is a headache. I would suggest re-sizing to be 40KB and under!)

  8. Hit Next.

  9. Hit Save.

Assigning Creative:

  1. Go back into your campaign and make sure you are on the creative view.                                

    DCM Blog_Graphic 1
  2. Search for your creative and set them as inactive. This will ensure your creative is not being shown to people before you want you want it to!

  3. Then, select the creative you want to assign. Keep in mind, you can only assign one creative size at a time. For example, you cannot assign a 728×90 creative and a 300×250 creative at the same time. However, you can assign multiple creatives of the same size at the same time.

  4. Hit assignments.                                                                                                                                                                                          

    DCM Blog_Graphic 1
  5. Edit Ad Assignments.

  6. Assign to all placements that pertain.

  7. Hit next.

  8. Hit confirm.

  9. Do this for each creative size.

Upload Sheet:

  1. Hit export

  2. GO to Site Name (Column B): Filter for what you are NOT making changes to and delete out.

    DCM Blog_Graphic 1
  3. Go to Ad Type (Column X): Delete out the default ads. You will not be making changes to these ads.

  4. Go to Creative Uses Default Landing Page (Column AV): we want them all to say no (delete out the blank ones, they are for inactive placements)

  5. Hide Column X to Column AX.

  6. Then, copy and paste the tracking URLs down (double check the landing page and placement to make sure they match). This is adding tracking to each creative.

  7. Go to Creative Name (Column AP) and filter for the ones we added in and want to schedule.

  8. Go to Ad Start Time (Column AA) and Ad End Time (Column AB) and copy and paste those into Creative Start Time (Column AS) and Creative End Time (Column AT). *Note, currently, you cannot simply edit the creative ad start and end dates without first copying the start and end dates from the Ad columns.

  9. Change times to reflect the correct Start and End dates

  10. Save and upload!

  11. Once your upload sheet has been fully processed (about 5 minutes), you should receive a confirmation email!

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