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Are You Using Google AdWords Scripts?

2 MINUTE READ | June 5, 2014

Are You Using Google AdWords Scripts?

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In an agency setting, implementing as many automated processes as possible can be a huge asset when managing SEM accounts. To that end, if you are not already leveraging Google AdWords scripts, this is the post for you.

For those unfamiliar, within AdWords tucked away in the Bulk Operations is an IDE built directly into the interface in which you can enter Java Scripts to perform countless functions (from highly customized reports, to programmatically modifying bids based on weather information). Although an elementary understanding of Java is necessary to fully take advantage of the automation opportunities, there is no shortage of easy to plug in-scripts at your disposal that are just a Google search away. Here is a list to get you started.

Google Adwords Scripts

Some favorites here at PMG that can be easily implemented include the Countdown and Bid to Position scripts. The Countdown script is a simple, yet effective tool to boost urgency and conversion intent for flash sales, or notable promos that are coming to an end.  For example, rather than “Hurry, Ends Today”, with the simple addition parameters to the copy, text ads can read “Hurry, Only {X} Hours Left”, which will dynamically update throughout the day. Likewise, it can be an effective tool for boosting awareness surrounding upcoming sales & new arrivals, or used as a drive-to-store tactic with a countdown to a store openings.

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Where in the past, a commonly cited shortfall of implementing Scripts were challenges involved in applying them across multiple accounts, this past May Google officially introduced Scripts at the MCC level meaning you can now leverage the benefits of automation across the board. So get out there and explore – there is no shortage of applications and be sure to check back for more of our favorites.