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Using Social to Drive OTT Adoption

2 MINUTE READ | June 22, 2020

Using Social to Drive OTT Adoption

If there is one bright spot from the COVID-19 crisis, it is the boon we’re seeing from the streaming services as OTT brands use their unique content to drive viewership and adoption. Early releases of Frozen 2 and the upcoming ‘Hamilton’ movie. The Last Dance reminding everyone of His Airness’ greatness. Families being able to see the latest film from the Trolls franchise at home for less than the cost of going to a theater. And, lest we forget (already), Tiger King, Tiger King, Tiger King. Social media had much to do with OTT adoption, and that is the topic of Ting Zheng’s article on ClickZ, “OTT in the time of COVID-19: Using social to drive adoption.”

Zheng wrote, “As OTT offerings continue to grow and change, social media platforms are an effective channel to drive OTT adoption rates while offering much-needed escapist content.”

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She added that as platforms and studios are promoting their content, they must take well-thought-out steps. First, “they must figure out what their objective is. Is it awareness of the movie or movie streams?” They then would need to “identify the target audience for the movie itself and align it to which social platform makes the most sense. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are already major players and should be part of every social media plan due to these platforms’ expansive reach and targeting capabilities — but there are other options to explore.”

Posted by David Gong

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