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Establishing a newcomer as the category leader


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From its inception in 2019, Orca Security has offered a revolutionary vision for cloud security; one that dramatically simplifies and automates security and compliance, enabling development teams to become unhindered and security teams to move at the speed of cloud. Built to solve for all the typical IT and cybersecurity pain points, Orca has been awarded many industry recognitions culminating in the 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor for Cloud Security Posture Management.

Despite its accolades, few business and technology leaders were aware of the company. In 2022, Orca decided they were done being quiet about how they were revolutionizing cloud security, and partnered with PMG to introduce themselves – a breakthrough company – with breakthrough creative and take their brand from newcomer to category leader.

According to 451 Research, nearly three out of four organizations use two or more cloud providers, with security concerns being the top challenge to cloud adoption. Organizations have to contend with complex technologies and new processes across their businesses. With Orca simplifying that, IT professionals can quickly go back to innovating for tomorrow. Our strategy was to speak to innovators in a broad sense — not just the practitioners, but more broadly, the companies they work for and their stakeholders. This ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and psychographically, appeal to the professionals at these companies who define themselves by their ambition.

[The campaign] is a rallying cry to everyone who manages, uses, and secures the cloud.
Meghan Marks, CMO, Orca Security
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Grounded in the tagline “The Cloud is Yours,” PMG’s creative departed from product-first advertising in favor of a philosophical treatise on the state of the cloud, the potential of the target customer’s company, and the absolute freedom that streamlined cloud security enables in the minds and operations of innovative companies who can imagine a future where the cloud is no longer a blocker or constant cause for concern.

PMG creative led the project from idea to delivery, including concepting and storyboarding, and overseeing production in Bulgaria, post-production in Finland, VFX in Paris, and leveraging additional creative resources in Costa Rica. The result was a 60-second video that opened with an IT professional in front of his desktop.

The video cuts to a wider angle to reveal a large office somewhere in a high-rise building. Suddenly, the desktop bursts out the window and hovers a moment in the air. Then, the bewildered IT professional, with his entire office — files, hardware, desk plants and furniture — floats, burst out the window, and hurtles upward toward the clouds.

The IT professional’s journey breaks through literal clouds, and a voiceover narrates how the cloud has enabled innovation to reach heights never before seen, spawned enterprises, and yet requires careful navigation because of new risks. Those risks, as illustrated by the IT professional chaotically dodging obstacles in the sky, are reduced by Orca, allowing the IT professional to return to his serene office — files, hardware, desk plants and furniture floating back into place — and a view of his desktop that shows that his cloud migration is complete.

The video was the centerpiece of a digital media campaign, also developed and executed by PMG, that launched Orca’s new brand anthem across a mix of high-impact placements and successfully drove awareness and engagement with business and technology leaders.

Through premium executions, we reached the target audience through publishers like The Wall Street Journal and Hulu, driving nearly 7.2MM highly targeted impressions, and 4.3MM video completions with a video completion rate that smashed benchmarks. A brand lift study also showed that the campaign had a 74% ad recall rate, with most metrics surpassing benchmarks by an average of eight basis points. The campaign went beyond its goal of increasing awareness, though, and also delivered qualified leads who Orca could nurture and drive down the purchase funnel towards pipeline and revenue.