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5 Essential Tips That Will Turn Your Social Media Around

4 MINUTE READ | August 6, 2013

5 Essential Tips That Will Turn Your Social Media Around

Before you proceed with this blog entry, I want you all the know that I assume everyone reading this has some sort of social marketing experience. This is not your usual cookie-cutter blog entry that tip toes it’s way into telling you what you SHOULD do to increase engagement across all of your social sites. Rather, I will focus on all the things you HAVE to do. In order for you to begin working on brand engagement, all the right pieces must be in place for you to actually start DOING what it is you initially set out to do. RAISE BRAND AWARENESS and ENGAGEMENT.

  • • A dedicated social team that is experienced in content management and scheduling

  • • The company’s brand voice and sentiment must already have been determined

  • • A comprehensive strategy outlining clear goals and expectations

Much like the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones, everyone wants to use Social Media for their own selfish gains. That big, shiny, final piece for every successful company in the 21st century. Unfortunately, very few will be able to see it in all of its glory.

Enough digressing. Get ready to start melting faces.

I’m not saying tweet to all one million, but you should be prepared to. Currently, most companies will do as much as they can to have consumers engage with them through all channels. That’s a given, but let’s think about what’s wrong with that. These brands are fully expecting the consumer to shoulder much of the engagement workload, when it should be the complete opposite. The words “brand engagement” ought to reflect what a brand can do for the consumer. Instead, more companies are going to want more from their consumer by doing very little to actually spur conversations about or with the brand. Here’s a hint, try following some of your own followers. They’ll usually reciprocate with a “thanks.” This is your brand’s time to shine.

The advice you were given in the last paragraph should also be able to help solve this problem for you. As your brand interacts with more followers, you’ll generate fans that will aid in answering a number of online queries that could arise. Find out the types of posts you have to answer back and leave the others. Let the influencers you’ve cultivated help to be a part of what you’re trying to build. The stronger your influencers, the better quality your brand’s community will be. So keep at it, because it’s a lengthy process.

Your company has followers because they are loyal to your brand, but you must reinforce that trust from time to time. There are a number of things you can do to gain/sustain trust from your followers. One is to give them an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of what goes on at your company. Videos, internal events, and live feeds are a great way to show your audience that there are actual humans working behind the gigantic mothership you call a company. Be creative with what you want to offer your fans, because it will all go a very long way.

One of your greatest weaknesses could be that you fail to connect with your audience. But being a humanistic social media user, doesn’t mean you should post cat pictures and memes all day long to gain likes. Rather, appeal to the emotions of your followers. Take a plunge into your followers list and see for yourself what your audience is talking about these days. Not only is it going to add another dimension to how you connect with your fanbase, but it will also help to drive conversations on your page. If they wanted to talk to a robot, they would’ve.

The best customer service stories are from companies that have gone above and beyond to make their consumers happy.

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But seriously though. Get in the chopper. Your life could depend on it.

Posted by Earl Hwang

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