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Amidst the Craziness, Take Time to Reflect

1 MINUTE READ | December 12, 2014

Amidst the Craziness, Take Time to Reflect

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Dayle Magill, VP, Client Operations & Data Services

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Busy work schedule, kids, family, dog – there are not very many quiet moments in my life. In the drive time home, from a late night in the office last week, amidst the holiday craziness – I started thinking about agency life (aka #agencylife). Rounding out my 10th holiday season, I am:

  • Completely humbled to find out that there is always more to learn every day.

  • Inspired by the people around me, their wit and passion is incredible.

  • Honored by the amazing work that is created around me and to be an extension of our client’s team.

  • Challenged and motivated by the team to continually do better work.

  • Leaning on the younger, hipper folks to keep me up to date with fashions, trends and slang.

  • Blessed to be working with an amazing group of caring and smart people.

  • Appreciative of the office sense of humor.

  • Excited for insights into upcoming collections and products.

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And even now, 10 days until the infamous shipping cut off, I find myself extremely blessed to be doing something that I love. Though agency life can be demanding, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now click and ship. #agencylife