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Angela Seits Talks About Converting Influencer Likes Into Sales

2 MINUTE READ | June 13, 2019

Angela Seits Talks About Converting Influencer Likes Into Sales

As influencer marketing moves in a million different directions, there is growing stagnation of the platforms influencers are using to push their content out. IGTV has yet to catch on in a tangible way while Snapchat has become a throwaway channel, leaving Instagram and YouTube as the predominant platforms.

However, because Instagram and YouTube are so high stakes, it’s difficult for innovation to occur. Today, Angela Seits, PMG’s director of influencer marketing, shares her thoughts on how shoppable influencer content could drive commerce and platform innovation on Talking Influence.

Below is an excerpt of her op-ed, and we recommend that you click through to read the full article.

Like it or not, influencer marketing has altered the consumer journey and changed the way that consumers shop – adding yet another complication to an already fragmented landscape of digital brand-user interactions. It’s clear that influencers are driving brand and product discoverability via their content. But social platforms have been slow to catch up and take advantage of this shift in user behavior.

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It’s not because creators weren’t driving value for social platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Rather, it’s because, in a pay-to-play ecosystem of social advertising, influencers were essentially cannibalising advertising dollars that could have been invested in paid social as brands temporarily found a new way to gain organic reach through creator content.

Posted by David Gong

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