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App Promotion Campaigns: Incent vs. Non-Incent

2 MINUTE READ | June 5, 2016

App Promotion Campaigns: Incent vs. Non-Incent

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When it comes to app promotion campaigns, there are two tactics that can be employed to drive traffic to your app.  In one corner, we have incent campaigns, which is when users are rewarded for the install with game tokens or coins, for example.  In the opposing corner, we have non-incent campaigns, which do not reward users for an install. There are use cases for both incent and non-incent app promotion campaigns, so let’s take a closer look at four different campaign goals and uncover which is best practice.

Drive Low-Cost Installs

If your main goal is to drive a significant amount of installs in a quick period of time but you aren’t as concerned with post-install activity, incent campaigns are going to be the best option.  Incent campaigns will drive installs at a lower cost than non-incent campaigns.  However, it is a greater likelihood that the installs will not be as quality, since users are initiating the download in order to receive a reward.

Winner: Incent

Post-Install Engagement

We chatted above about the best campaign type to drive installs, but what if your goal is post-install engagement?  While incent campaigns will drive a significant amount of low-cost installs, it is a far greater likelihood that installs driven though non-incent campaign will lead to more engaged users with a higher LTV.  This is because users are downloading out of sheer interest in the app, knowing that they are not being rewarded for the install.

Winner: Non-Incent

Higher App Store Ranking

If you are looking to garner installs as a way to increase your position in the app store ranking, it is essential that you drive a large number of installs.  The uptick in install activity will increase the app’s positioning in the app store.  Incent campaigns are the best way to drive the number of installs needs to increase app store ranking.

Winner: Incent

Increase Organic Installs

In order to see an increase in organic installs, it is imperative that your app is seeing a high ranking in the app store, thus similar to the above, incent campaigns will work best in this case.  The higher positioning in the app store means that your app will have more visibility among app store visitors, thus it is very likely that organic traffic and installs will see a boost, which will also help to offset the cost of the paid installs.

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Winner: Incent

Posted by Kristen Bennett

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