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Ready to Transform Your Data into Insights? Just Ask Alli.

4 MINUTE READ | September 29, 2023

Ready to Transform Your Data into Insights? Just Ask Alli.

Ready to Transform Your Data into Insights? Just Ask Alli.

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Natalie Sherman, Product Marketing Lead

As PMG's Product Marketing Lead, Natalie Sherman bridges the gap between product development and the broader market, partnering closely with PMG's technology team to oversee marketing communications and product positioning for PMG's technology platform, Alli. With previous stints at Ring and Moen, she brings a wealth of industry insights, marketing expertise, and innovative thinking to every conversation.

PMG is thrilled to announce the launch of Ask Alli, an AI-powered augmented analytics tool that’s coming soon to our Alli platform. Ask Alli harnesses the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) so marketers can ask questions of their data and immediately glean insights—no coding or SQL queries required.

Gone are the days when marketers had to spend hours creating reports or relying on an analytics partner to pull creative or campaign performance data. Now, with Ask Alli, we’re revolutionizing reporting and intelligence gathering, using AI and machine learning to make it easier than ever for marketers to seamlessly transform data into insights.

Skip the analytics request and dashboard setup with PMG’s Ask Alli so you can get to the bottom of your marketing performance and reporting in record time.  

While our Alli platform was built to accelerate digital transformation for brands, Ask Alli takes it one step further, equipping marketers with new data visualization capabilities, and greater data proficiency and productivity.

By facilitating easier access to data-driven insights, this new feature ensures data isn’t confined to analysts or technical teams but placed back in the hands of those who need it most: marketers and decision-makers. 

Ask Alli makes it easier than ever for marketers—even those without technical coding or SQL skills—to take a truly data-informed approach to decision-making and strategic planning. 

The queries and questions Ask Alli can answer are truly endless. In testing scenarios, Ask Alli has helped marketers react to trends and insights quicker than ever and make better-informed decisions with queries like 

  • Can I see the performance of my creative last week on Snapchat versus Meta? 

  • What is the breakout of my performance across devices?

  • Drill down a detailed breakdown of performance for a specific channel or audience to understand what is driving conversions, such as “What are my best-performance audiences?”

Ask Alli effortlessly answers these kinds of queries and more, highlighting new insights and strategic opportunities for Alli users, all by applying the intelligence of AI and machine learning to their dataset. 

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Ask Alli is a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered augmented analytics tool that uses PMG’s proprietary and privacy-first machine learning capabilities and large language model (LLM) to help marketers turn data into insights. Ask Alli operates using an industry-leading semantic layer for improved data applications, language interpretation, and data visualization.

The AI underpinning Ask Alli was designed and built by PMG, not a third-party provider, meaning that data isn’t being passed between an AI platform and user inputs. Additionally, Ask Alli’s AI model was optimized for marketing data and campaign performance reporting based on PMG’s award-winning media and data expertise. 

PMG’s privacy-first AI technology is built for marketers, by marketers. 

For marketers using the tool, Ask Alli is powered by their first-party data within the Alli platform, combined with relevant third-party data, so they can ask questions and see their data come to life in new, innovative ways. The dataset within Ask Alli stems from the brand’s Alli account, which streamlines disparate data across marketing channels and touchpoints. 

This dataset is safeguarded under strict data security measures in a privacy-safe environment thanks to a robust backend architecture built by our team of expert engineers and data scientists. With Ask Alli, data visualization and reporting are instantly accessible against your complete, cross-channel marketing data that’s stored safely in Alli. 

AI is at the center of Alli and PMG's technology and tools. We're eager to see how marketers use Ask Alli to derive insights from their data and transform their business in ways that have never been done before. 

PMG’s proprietary platform, Alli, is an enterprise-grade marketing intelligence and management software that helps marketers better connect their brand with people. Alli boasts three distinct feature sets that collectively underpin its core functionality of centralizing cross-channel, disparate business data: Alli Data, Alli Actions, and Alli Insights. 

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